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Steve Baric
Director of Litigation, Attorney at Law


Steve has tried over 100 cases in both State and Federal courts. Mr. Baric’s courtroom strategies and methods are battle-tested. As a former Orange County Gang Prosecutor and part of the TARGET gang task force, Steve prosecuted the toughest, most hardcore criminal street gangs.

Moreover, in 2005, he was honored with the prestigious Diligent Prosecutor award by Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD). Having briefed and argued cases in the California Supreme Court and California Courts of Appeal, Steve is also experienced in appellate advocacy.

An experienced and adept problem solver, he has also successfully helped clients navigate their legal issues while in the media spotlight. Steve thrives when the lights are bright and pressure is on. Many of Mr. Baric’s cases have been “high-profile” and required enduring significant media scrutiny.

Steve is licensed to practice in California, has been quoted by almost every major news publication in California, and has appeared on several national news stations discussing legal issues.


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