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The best trial, litigation, and personal injury attorneys in Los Angeles and all of Southern California.

Meet Baric Law
An unrivaled trial law firm serving Los Angeles and all of Southern California.

At Baric Law, we are the premier trial law firm in Southern California. Our passion is expediting and delivering justice to the clients we have the privilege of serving.

With years of experience and unrivaled expertise, we provide unparalleled, personalized, attentive, and communicative representation from start to finish. We predicate our high-end service on years of courtroom success, and we take the time to get to know each client and understand their unique circumstances to tailor services to them.

With Baric Law, you always have home-field advantage in the courtroom. Get in touch now to get started!

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We can’t wait to conquer the courtroom together. Whether you need a trial lawyer in San Diego County, an accident attorney in Riverside, or a civil litigation attorney in Orange County, we can help. As a proactive law firm, we tailor solutions to your unique legal needs.

At Baric Law, the only questions that go unanswered are the questions that go unasked. Get in touch now to schedule a consultation!

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