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At Baric Law, we understand that our clients are more than just case numbers. They are real people facing real challenges. We are committed to empathy, integrity, and respect in every aspect of our practice – from the way we approach each case to the manner in which we interact with our clients. Our team, our clients, and our partners are all integral parts of the Baric Law family, and we believe that our success is deeply rooted in the strength of these relationships.

We Pledge...

  • To represent you with the utmost dedication, sincerity, respect, courtesy, integrity, professionalism, and gratitude.
  • To provide comprehensive legal expertise tailored to your unique situation, ensuring the best possible outcome.
  • To listen attentively to your concerns and craft legal strategies that effectively address and champion your rights.
  • To ensure that our legal advice and representation are transparent, thorough, and in your best interest.
  • To deliver legal services with unparalleled responsiveness, expertise, efficiency, and precision.
  • To strive relentlessly to meet 100 percent of the needs of every client, going above and beyond to ensure justice and fairness.

Success Stories

Type of Case: Motorcycle Accident

Settled on: September 2023

Settlement Type: POLICY LIMIT!

Type of Case: Traffic Accident

Settled on: September 2023

Settlement Type: POLICY LIMIT!

Type of Case: Plaintiffs ~vs~ City of Milpitas

Settled on: July 2023

Settlement Type: $850,000

Type of Case: Traffic Accident

Settled on: July 2023

Settlement Type: POLICY LIMIT!

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