Expedited Contingency Fee Retainer and Representation Agreement

I understand that upon completion of this retainer I am authorizing Baric Law to represent me.

  1. Contingency Fee: Law Firm entitled to 40% recovery (45% after lawsuit/arbitration filed).
  2. No Recovery, No Fees: No fees or costs if no recovery. Previous representation fees responsibility of client.
  3. Scope of Representation: Limited to bodily injury claims against defendant, excludes other claims.
  4. Statute of Limitations: Client responsible for strict time limits on claims.
  5. Law Firm's Right to Withdraw: Law Firm can withdraw if not feasible, client must preserve evidence.
  6. Law Firm Discharge: Discharge results in payment based on work done or proportional share of recovery.
  7. Costs and Litigation Expenses: Law Firm authorized for costs, expenses, to be reimbursed from recovery.
  8. Medical Liens: Law Firm can pay medical providers, handle disputes, distribute fees.
  9. Attorney's Lien: Law Firm has lien on client's entitlements to secure unpaid balances.
  10. Power of Attorney: Law Firm authorized for document execution related to claim.
  11. Co-Counsel and Associations: Law Firm can associate other lawyers, share fees.
  12. Mandatory Confidential Arbitration: Disputes subject to confidential arbitration.
  13. Mandatory Fee Arbitration: Option for non-binding arbitration for fee disputes.
  14. File Retention: Law Firm retains file for 5 years, may destroy after case closure.
  15. Conflict Waiver: Acknowledgement of potential conflicts, waivers.
  16. Conflict of State Laws: California law applies, attorneys licensed in multiple jurisdictions.
  17. Counterparts: Signatures in separate counterparts, deemed originals.
  18. Electronic Files: Electronic files maintained, equivalent to originals.
  19. Tax Advice Exclusion: No tax advice provided, recovery may be taxable.
  20. Entire Agreement: This agreement is complete and binding, no guarantees made.


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