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Contingency Fee Retainer and Representation Agreement

This legally binding agreement confirms that you, the undersigned, have retained the attorneys at BARIC LAW P.C. (hereafter "Law Firm") as your law firm to represent you as their Client(s) for any and all claims of bodily and personal injury against the defendant arising out of the incident that occurred on:

1. CONTINGENCY FEE: The Law Firm will be entitled to Forty Percent (40%) of any recovery obtained. At any time after a lawsuit or demand of arbitration is filed, Client shall pay the sum of Forty Five Percent (45%) of any recovery obtained.

a. Client(s) and Law Firm acknowledge that the payment of contingency fees is not set by law and is negotiated between Law Firm and Client(s). The contingent fee is calculated based on the total recovery prior to any reimbursement for costs and expenses (as set forth) and payment of liens or obligations of the Client(s). Any recovery is defined as any settlement, property, verdict, award or monies received.

b. Client acknowledges that in the event service contemplated herein is on behalf of a minor, the fee set by the Court shall prevail over this Agreement.

c. Fees rendered in connection with any Workers’ Compensation proceeding shall be set by the Workers’ Compensation Appeals Board.

2. If there is no recovery, Client pays no fees or costs to BARIC LAW P.C.

a. Client(s) is/are responsible for any possible fees and/or costs incurred by any previous representation.

b. Nothing in this agreement and nothing in our statements to you will be construed as a promise or guarantee about the outcome of this matter. We make no such promises or guarantees. There can be no assurance that you will recover any sum or sums in this matter. Our comments, if any, about the outcome of your matter are expressions of opinion only. We do promise to use our best efforts to provide you with professional legal representation.

3. SCOPE OF REPRESENTATION: This agreement is limited in scope to the pursuit of your claims for damages against the defendant which caused bodily injury and no other type(s) of claim(s). This agreement does not cover any other related claims that may arise, including but not limited to, workers' compensation, employment, product liability claims against any manufacturer or seller, health care provider disputes for amounts owed for services, malpractice, subrogation claims, tax or any other legal matter. If such matters arise, separate agreements for legal services will be required.

4. STATUTE OF LIMITATIONS: Client understands that there are strict statutes of limitations on claims against responsible parties, and that the time limit in Client's case may have expired before Law Firm was contacted, or may expire in very near future, or before investigation can be completed by Law Firm.

5. LAW FIRM'S RIGHT TO WITHDRAW AFTER INVESTIGATION: It is agreed that Law Firm is prosecuting Client's claims subject to Client's representations and its own investigation of the facts and that if Law Firm determines in its sole judgment that it is not feasible or practical to prosecute Client's claim, Law Firm is permitted and authorized to cease all work and withdraw representation. Client understands they are under a continuing duty to preserve any and all evidence relevant to this matter, including, but not limited to, pictures, text messages, social media posts, and the vehicle itself. Client also recognizes that use of social media may affect Client's ability to recover damages and Client has been advised not to use social media and to make all accounts private during the duration of the case. Law Firm can/may also choose to withdraw as counsel during any point of investigation should Law Firm find that information provided by Client was intentionally omitted and/or falsely reported.

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