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What’s a Civil Litigation Attorney in Orange County?
July 28, 2022 at 7:00 AM
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You may be wondering what type of lawyer handles civil cases. Well, the answer is a civil litigation attorney. They play a vital role in managing various civil suits related to personal injury, family, real estate, and employment.

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Below, we’ll discuss what a civil litigation attorney is and what they do as part of their work.

What is a civil attorney?

Civil litigation attorneys in Orange County handle legal dispute cases. These typically involve a party or entity seeking compensation for damages from another party. Most civil dispute cases revolve around people, relationships, and property.

Because these cases can be ambiguous, civil litigation attorneys must have diverse skillsets, including exceptional interpersonal and conflict-resolution abilities. They must use their knowledge of procedural law to synthesize complex facts and materials to represent client interests.

Civil attorneys differ significantly from criminal attorneys who deal with a person’s criminal offense against the public, society, or the state. Civil attorney's disputes involve the wrongs committed against an individual or entity.

Civil law includes a wide range of legal practice areas. These include:

  • Property law
  • Employment law
  • Personal injury law
  • Family law
  • Environmental law

Most civil attorneys decide to specialize in one of the above areas. But some may practice in more than one area.

What do civil litigation attorneys do?

Civil litigation attorneys represent persons or entities in non-criminal lawsuits. Their clients could be private individuals, government entities, or businesses.

As it pertains to cases, civil attorneys will represent you in your court case proceedings, which include pretrial hearings, depositions, arbitration, mediation, and the trial itself. They provide legal strategies, advice on your case, and represent your best interests in court.

While there are many responsibilities civil litigation attorneys handle, some job duties they consistently partake in include:

  • Researching pertinent laws
  • Investigating facts relating to cases
  • Conducting and taking part in deposition hearings
  • Filing motions
  • Making court appearances on behalf of the client
  • Drafting up legal documents
  • Negotiating settlements for their clients

There are also times when civil attorneys do not handle cases and instead advise clients who may be navigating complex areas.

Do you need a civil litigation attorney in Orange County?

A fundamental question you’ll need to ask yourself is whether you will need a civil litigation lawyer to handle your case. Civil litigation attorneys can assess the strength of your case before you file a suit and lay out all of your legal options for you.

This can be helpful to know before you file a lawsuit because not every lawsuit filed will proceed to trial. Instead, the majority of litigation cases end in negotiations between parties before the trial even begins. Civil litigation attorneys play a key role in this process and can help you decide whether heading to trial or settling is your best option.

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