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Baric & Tran’s litigation department has significant experience in guiding clients through a wide variety of legal disputes. Whether your matter involves an informal resolution or requires a complex and lengthy litigation, our lawyers have the knowledge and experience to represent your interests. We also understand that our first priority is to obtain the best possible outcome for our client. Thus, we are constantly looking for creative and innovative ways to resolve disputes in a cost effective and meaningful manner, and in line with our clients’ business and personal goals. When necessary, however, our litigators have the skill and knowledge
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Baric & Associates E-Newsletter: We Got an Upgrade

This week’s E-Newsletter features a brand new layout. What do you think? We discuss a bill that would raise penalties against sex offenders, update you on the outcome of that lawsuit against L.A. Superior Court closures, and give you a report on the drought and its implications in the coming months. Take a look. Like what you see? Subscribe to our mailing list to get our e-newsletter directly (and conveniently) to your inbox.  
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