Blithe Leece

Ms. Leece is Of Counsel to Baric & Associates. She is a former Los Angeles Deputy District Attorney and State Bar Prosecutor. While at the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office Ms. Leece tried 34 jury trials, including complex multi defendant felony cases. She also prosecuted gang crimes which dealt with issues involving shootings to protect drug territories; gun crimes; sales and transportation of narcotics; and gang retaliation as well as misdemeanor crimes such as DUI. She prepared over 500 cases for jury trial, and handled hundreds of preliminary hearings ranging from drug offenses to murder. She filed complaints for misdemeanor and felony cases, as well as filed and adjudicated cases involving juveniles.

Ms. Leece began her legal career as an associate in a prominent Criminal Defense firm in Kansas City, Kansas before moving to Los Angeles. When she moved to Los Angeles, she joined the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office as a Deputy District Attorney, and worked there for approximately 10 years in nearly all of the branch and area courts in Los Angeles County.

After Ms. Leece left the District Attorney’s office she joined the State Bar of California as Senior Trial Counsel in 2011, where she litigated high profile and complex attorney discipline cases in State Bar Court. Ms. Leece worked on a task force with the California Attorney General’s Office to take down a loan modification fraud scheme over one million dollars. Additionally, Ms. Leece supervised Deputy Trial Counsel in their litigation, and directed State Bar Investigators on how to focus and conduct their investigations into disciplinary violations.

In 2013 Ms. Leece was co-counsel with prominent white collar defense attorney Nina Marino on a complex criminal case with charges of misappropriation of public funds, embezzlement, and tax fraud in Los Angeles Superior Court. Ms. Leece handles criminal defense matters in both Orange and Los Angeles Counties. In 2015 Ms. Leece was asked to be on the Orange County District Attorney’s jailhouse informant committee (IPPEC) to evaluate and make recommendations regarding Orange County District Attorney’s Jailhouse Informant Policy.

In addition to Ms. Leece’s criminal defense cases she also defends attorneys charged with violations in State Bar Court and consults on legal risk management and ethics issues for public.

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