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Baric & Associates E-Newsletter: Keeping up with California news

This week we cover the end of CA’s regular legislative session, tell you what makes a good government website, and update you on what Orange County is doing (or not doing) with mental healthcare funds. See for yourself. Subscribe to our mailing list and we’ll send our e-newsletter directly (and conveniently) to your inbox every week.
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Baric & Associates E-Newsletter: We Got an Upgrade

This week’s E-Newsletter features a brand new layout. What do you think? We discuss a bill that would raise penalties against sex offenders, update you on the outcome of that lawsuit against L.A. Superior Court closures, and give you a report on the drought and its implications in the coming months. Take a look. Like what you see? Subscribe to our mailing list to get our e-newsletter directly (and conveniently) to your inbox.  
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Baric & Associates E-Newsletter: This Week in So-Cal…

The U.S. Olympic Committee officially designates Los Angeles as the U.S.’ bid for the 2024 Olympics. Now that we know the NFL is coming to L.A., what does that mean for traffic? Everybody knows there’s a drought on, but how are we really doing? All this and more in this week’s update. Check it out here. Like our newsletter so far? Subscribe here. We’ll send our E-Newsletter directly to your inbox so you’re always in the loop!
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